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Energy Nightclub is the premier club venue in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. To keep our standard of quality at the highest point, we require that all guests abide by the following dress code guidelines. Our management team reserves all rights to control entrance into the venue. Moreover, our team may refuse entry to any customer as they see fit including but not limited to dress code violations. Violation of the dress code after entrance to the venue may result in ejection without refund.






Items not permitted:

  • Baggy or saggy pants & tops

  • Excessively large rips/tears in jeans (jeans designed this way are acceptable)

  • Beanies, bandannas and toboggans

  • Athletic wear (sweatpants, jerseys, plain tee-shirts, etc.)

    • ​NOTE: On game nights we will allow athletic wear such as jerseys, team apparel

  • Plain tee-shirts or undershirts

    • NOTE: Excluded from our glow/paint parties​

  • Athletic style tank tops and sleeveless shirts

  • Camouflage or "Camo"​​

    • NOTE: Exception with a valid military ID​

  • Sideways Hats. All hats must be worn straight forward or backwards

  • No Footwear. Footwear must be worn at all times

Items encouraged:

  • Collared shirts

  • Dress Shirts

  • Designer Jeans

  • Trendy, upscale fashion

  • Dressy/Casual footwear


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