What's Not Allowed

Baggy or saggy pants & tops

Excessively large rips/tears in jeans ( Jeans designed this way are ok )

Beanies, bandannas, toboggans

Hats must be worn straight forward or backwards

Athletic wear (sweatpants, jerseys, tee-shirts, etc.)

** On game nights we will allow athletic wear such as jerseys, team apparel 

Plain T-Shirts * Undershirts * (except for glow/paint party)

Athletic style tank tops/sleeveless shirts

Camo (Exception with a valid Military ID)

* Footwear must be worn at all times


What's Encouraged

Collared shirts

Dress Shirts

Designer Jeans

Trendy, upscale fashion

Dressy/Casual footwear


Management reserves all rights to control entrance into the venue.  Management may refuse entry to any customer as they see fit including, but not limited to: dress code violations, intoxicated patrons, or unruly patrons.  Violation of dress code after entrance to establishment may result in ejection with no refund.