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By submitting a reservation request, you acknowledge the following:

  1. A request for reservation is simply a request and there is no guarantee that your reservation will be filled dependent upon a wide range of factors. 

  2. Any request must have written confirmation via email from Energy Nightclub prior to the date of reservation.

  3. Management reserves the right to deny any patron from entering the establishment. Patrons that have been previously barred from the club will not be allowed to enter. 

  4. All information submitted in the form is correct and truthful.

  5. You or the organization you represent are liable for any incidents or damages that happen within the establishment during your reservation. 

  6. No outside drinks or food are permitted to enter the club during your reservation. Mutually agreed upon exceptions for food may be given but must be requested. 

  7. Your group or organization may not receive a refund should an incident involving your group arise during your reservation.


All requests are not final until you hear back from our team with confirmation details.

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